Passive Income Ideas 2020 That Generate $2,000 A Month Online

Looking To Generate Passive Income & Find Financial Independence,Here Are My Top Passive Income Generators.

passive income

1. Stock market investing has provided me with annual passive dividend income of $6,000 not including equity growth equaling another $10,000 a year on average!

Stock market investing has its ups and downs ;) but unlike any other passive income investment this one is by far the most passive. The hardest part of the stock market is the learning curve & having the patience to grow it over time. Once you get the lingo down I  promise you it can change your life and is a staple to any investors life you can learn more about it here!

2. Starting a Youtube channel for passive income I currently make $400 a month of 3,000 subscriber!

This one wont happen over night but can be very advantageous if you have the time to turn this into to passive income. With YouTube it important to keep in mind you need to solve problems or add value to someones life through some from of entertainment! Done correctly can lead to ranking videos on YouTube infinitely   generating income.

3. Leveraging social media to make passive income off amazon associates or other affiliates, you will be surprised at how much you can make just promoting products!

To put it simply this is the easiest time in history to make passive income online for one simple reason... affiliate marketing. The process behind this is easy to understand thanks to companies like amazon, you simply sign up to amazon associates and you can get paid promoting your favorite products. You may also notice many affiliate programs for some of your favorite products outside of Amazon, you can see social media stars promoting these products as well. The easiest way to find to become an affiliate is for example just google - Casper mattresses affiliate program! The hardest part of this one is leveraging social media or other audiences into purchases your promoted product! 

4. Using blogs to generate passive income is another tool you can tap into for promoting products and get traffic!

I use blogs right now to help promote our products including this one your reading now! It is a very useful tool but has a learning curve behind it as well considering you will have to learn the ins and outs of ranking on google!

5. I use website to make passive income online leveraging digital products making $1,500 a month!

If your learning how to make passive income this one is a beast but also has a big learning curve and requires a lot of effort in the beginning. Like many investments you can also buy into profitable sites thanks to companies like empire flippers and flippa with the convenience of being an affiliate its better to make a blog site then try and drop ship your own product in 2020! We like websites focused on making money from google adsense, affiliates & digital products!

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