Top 7 Canadian Bank Stocks To Buy For Dividends During The Recession 2020

The Top Canadian Bank Stocks Are Still The Safest Dividend Yield During The 2020 Recession & Here Is How I Would Rank Them!

My top Canadian bank stock is Bank of Nova Scotia Ticker BNS. The reason being is BNS has the highest yield your going to get at the safest exposure to the current market!

1. Bank Of Nova Scotia - ( My Top Pick )

2. Toronto Dominion Bank

3 Royal Bank Of Canada

4 Canadian Imperial Bank

5 Bank Of Montreal

6 HSBC Holdings

7 National Bank Of Canada

The Canadian bank stocks are also better capitalized going into this recession compared to there US counter parts. We can see this in there balance sheets under loan loss previsions! Now there is still risk but I believe the risk is priced into the stock but it wouldn't hurt to take a small position and slowly cost average in from here!

If You Want To Learn More On How To Read A Balance Sheet Click Here

canadian bank stocks

Let me know what your favorite Canadian bank stock is for dividends below! I currently hold a $10,000 of Bank of nova scotia and another $10,000 of Canadian Imperial bank!


  • I own TD, but may buy some CIBC for their higher yield. Still leaning towards adding a US bank, but haven’t decided if or when.

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