The Quite Crisis Between Economic Superpowers

China reopens but is fighting to hold its grasp on becoming the worlds economic super power by 2050.

China has become and economic power through its manufacturing techniques in 1979 China and the US would sign a trade agreement that would change the entire landscape of how US businesses would operate.

By the early 2000's companies like apple had completely shut down US manufacturing to produce products cheaper in China as most businesses would follow suit.

The advantageous outlook for these US conglomeration lead to leaders turning their eyes to loose labor laws found in China, with the complete lack of copyright or business protection this lead to a lack of control that would slowly start sifting threw China's image as major corporate executives like Huawei CFO would be captured in Canada and locked up for her foreign affairs.

China's lack of copyright laws went as far as disrupting thousands of small businesses across the US leading to the 2018 tariff war with between the US & China!

As china saw this as a practice of success to there economy it was time for stiff measures leading to a large changes in how china would operate with the US Just as the air started to clear something unpredictable & cataclysmic happened in December of 2019, the start of a Global Pandemic.

The entire world would go on lock down as china lost control of the pandemic leading to global shut downs, no one wanted to blame china but as they tried to cover up the story with the world health organization.

further holes started appearing in there facts as some of the largest companies are now pulling over 30% of there manufacturing out of China including Apple, Microsoft & many more.

With the landscape of manufacturing becoming automated China will be forced to find to new technological advancements to continue economic growth over the next decade With the abundance of valued material in space & the decreasing cost of space travel i believe that is where there sites will be set!

This will become ever more prominent as we head into the next election cycle in the US & I am confident Donald trump will base his new campaign around the growth of space travel With the knowledge behind automation and future space exploration

I have been actively investing in companies that are poised to capitalize on this outlook Companies like Tesla, Google, virgin galactic and many more are well on there way to providing this future.

As unpredictable as this pandemic has been we can only glimpse into what the future might hold and as it stands right now the economic powers at be will continue to fight for the future they control But that control can only be as strong as there under lying economy, so if there is one thing I am sure of Xi Jinping is sitting in fear as they loose grip on the last 50 year boom they have experienced in manufacturing!

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Thanks for taking interest in my article, stay safe & stay awesome!

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