September Dividend and Passive Income Update

24 Companies and 4 streams of income that paid me almost $3475 in September. 

The third month of every quarter (March, June, September, and December) is generally the best month of the quarter for dividend income. We’re out here making that moolah that is all that matters. Any income is good for the future!  

In September we had dividends/interest, Shopify, YouTube as well as options income coming into play. Let’s keep this streak alive and see if we can break $30,000 in income for 2020!  

Dividend paying stocks alone paid me just over $1460 in September. Payments from over 24 different companies, sometimes from the same company multiple times. This accounts for over 42% of the month’s income from non-working income sources.

Total Shopify income for the store after expenses came in just under $1000, my half ended up being approximately $473. This also was a combination of two sites, and With a lot of focus lately going to Passive Income Educator as Kyle and I continue to expand on our services and offerings to kick start new investors up the learning curve. Shopify accounts for approximately 14% of this month’s income.

Options income was better than September options income (started trading TSLA options) and we were able to walk away with over $1050. YouTube came in just over $320. Options and YouTube accounted for 31% and 9% of the month’s income.  

Since the third month is the largest, I hope in the future we never have below $1,000 in dividend income in a month again. I add a lot of capital to the portfolio so as long as there are no dividend cuts in the future, I think we will be okay.  

See video below for more depth on the income for September.

Happy investing.


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