My Top 3 Best Dividend Stocks Of All Time | Recession Proof Stock Market Investing

Here Are My 3 Best Dividend Stocks In My 6 Figure Portfolio That Have Recession Proof Dividends!

1. North land Power Ticker NPI - This is the first dividend stock I ever bought back in 2014 & I currently own 504 shares with a monthly paying dividend, annual yield of 5.5% since the time of my purchase. This is a natural energy company in the utility sector providing solar, wind & gas.

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2. Johnson & Johnson Ticker JNJ - This believe it or not is a new addition to my 6 figure portfolio but when you see how this performs in recessions like this you'll notice the security in health care stocks for dividends! I currently own 61 share with a dividend yield of 2.93% from the time of my purchase!

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3. Apple Ticker AAPL - As much as people don't like Apple in a recession you have to keep in mind the 100 billion dollar bank account they have access to, considering they just increased there dividend and announced more share buy backs investors are likely to ride this recession with ease! I currently own 39 shares with a dividend yield of 1.9% from the time I purchased!

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