May Dividend and Passive Income Update | $450,000+ Portfolio!

15 companies and 3 streams of income that paid me over $1950 in May. 

The second month of every quarter (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) is always bitter sweet... I get dividends, but they still lag behind the third month of every quarter (March, June, September, December). 

Now that we've got the shopfiy store up and running and the youtube income coming in as well, the months are starting to even out in the grand scheme of things. 

Dividend paying stocks alone came in at almost $850, with payments from 15 different companies, sometimes from the same company multiple times. (43% of non-W2 income). Talk about the benefits of investing in the stock market! 

Total Shopify income for the stores came in at over $1800 USD, which my half after expenses is close to $813 (42% of non-W2 income). YouTube came in at just under $275 (14% non-W2 income).  

Check out the video below to see a more detailed breakdown of how to make money online and how to make a shopify store. 

Happy Investing! 



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