MattMoney Weekly Purchases - July 2020

Today I went on a tear buying everything I could in the stock market, but that doesn't change the fact that I've been steadily buying the whole month of July. Business as usual in the head of Mattmoney, but just like I always do and wanted to offer a quick insight on what I was doing for those of you who are curious. 

I would say the underlying theme of July so far has been consolidation while figuring out other avenues to produce income via the stock market or website income. Now that we're on the cusp of making around $25,000 in income in 2020 from websites, dividends, options, etc - I felt the need to get a little more risky with a portion of the portfolio. 

Yes - that means buying domains and taking names. Just kidding, but seriously, buying domains and also diversifying slightly into cryptocurrencies. 

Starting since July, here is a quick list of purchases: 


  • Sold FSLR for 87% profit = $5800
  • $LYB - 28.892 shares at $67.27 
  • $WPC - 21.601 shares at $67.30 
  • $PM - 32.636 shares at $72.80

Individual Brokerage Account: 

  • $GDLC - 150 shares at $6.485
  • $GDLC - 75 shares at $6.32
  • $GDLC - 100 shares at $6.29
  • $IPOB - 100 shares at $12
  • $IPOC - 100 shares at $11.50
  • $JNJ - 16.633 shares at $146.85
  • $O - 25.755 shares at $57.45

Computer Shares: 

  • Restarted $50 monthly purchases in $WTRG, $CLX and $WM, one of them may be twice a month payments  

That wasn't it though, your man has been making a killing selling covered call options to generate a little bit of extra income. I've been able to gather around $600 in Jully so far as of the 20th, so more potential as I've recently got shares in $WPC, $PM and $LYB up to 100 shares. So expect some more opportunity and cash flow coming from that. 

If you do not know much about options, feel free to check out our course or article here: where I discuss the basics about conservative covered call options strategy. 

Also, I'm currently running through the top 10 stocks I have in my portfolio, so be sure to check those out in the video below: 

Anymore questions, feel free to join our WhatsApp group and fire away!


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