Two Valuable Tips When Building A Shopify Store

These tips will create real value out of your Shopify website!

If you can generate up to $500 a month from your Shopify website, it has the potential to sell for up to $15,000, how is this possible you may ask?

Well websites operate like businesses & can be sold like businesses. These businesses get valued off many metrics including monthly income, customer funnels, inventory & more. Today the average professional website can sell for around 30x its monthly income! The places you buy and sell websites include empire flippers, flippa & Shopify exchange!
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Next tip How to remove the Shopify logo from your footer menu at the bottom of your website, this is a tip that adds professionalism to your page! 

First you must go to you themes on your shopify admin and click edit code. This is where you will find there hidden logo to remove!

Remove shopify logo from footer menue

Next simple scroll down threw the script files on the left hand of the screen, click section and then click footer.liquid 

how to remove shopify logo from footer menu

Finally click CTRL + F to search for the following ( Powered_By ) you may need to scroll down and over to see them but you will see the links ive highlighted below. You now need to back space and remove those lines of code including the brackets so it looks like this after >< 

how to remove the shopify logo from the footer menu

If you found these tips use full and would like to learn more I highly suggest passive income educator for further resources!
When building website its also good to keep in mind the long term value and sustainability simply think from a buyers perspective ;) it could be me!
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