How I Built A $150,000 Stock Portfolio In 5 years Passive Income Investing

Step By Step Timeline Of How I Built A 6 Figure Dividend Stock Portfolio In 5 Years After Paying Off $20,000 In Debt!

Once you go down the passive income path to financial freedom there's no turning back and here's how it started for me!

1. From age 19 - 22 I took out a $20,000 loan to start my business and pursue my dreams! This was a huge mistake as 90% of businesses can start with almost zero capital, I believe now you should find clients first and rent the equipment you need!

2. At age 23 my mom introduced me to the stock market when my curiosity peaked after starting my own business with success. I was amazed how in depth the stock market really was & this is what I would call the learning faze!

3. At this age I was cautious after learning so much from past stock market crashes and focused my attention on gold! I would build almost a 30k gold and silver position from the age of 23 - 26. At this age I was more worried about saving money well being as frugal as possible living at home with my parents!

4. At 26 I started expanding my knowledge with some small successful investments I became aware of the idea of passive income, financial independence and freedom! This was a crucial moment that would send me in another direction all together! 

5. At 27 I would liquidate my entire precious metal position then move it into dividend stocks and passive income investments. I had a new rule all my investments must cash flow with minimal work after set "Passive Income"

6. I am now 28 & cash flow $1,500 a month in dividends and other passive income generating sources. This is not financial freedom yet but it really helps and keep in mind this cash flow comes off a $150,000 equity I built over the last 5 years!

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