July Dividend and Passive Income Update!

18 Companies and 4 streams of income that paid me over $2600!

The first month of every quarter (Jan, April, July, October) generally lags in terms of total income compared to the third month of the quarter – yet there is income nonetheless! And any income is good for the future!

Continuing from last month we continued our options income as an additional stream of income that I have never tracked before. So now we have dividends/interest, shopify, youtube as well as options income coming into play. Let’s keep this streak alive and see if we can break $25,000 in income for

Dividend paying stocks alone paid me over $1000 in July. Payments from over 18 different companies, sometimes from the same company multiple times. This accounts for over 38% of the month’s income from non-working income sources.

Total Shopify income for the store after expenses came in just under $1200, my half ended up being approximately $591. This also was a combination of two sites, www.thechartmaster.com and www.passiveincomeeducator.com. With a lot of focus lately going to Passive Income Educator as Kyle and I continue to expand on our services and offerings to kick start new investors up the learning curve.

Shopify accounts for approximately 22% of this month’s income.
Options income was spectacular due to the volatility we saw in July! $724! YouTube came in just under $300. Options and YouTube accounted for 28% and 11% of the month’s income.

Since the first month of the quarter is generally pretty low, I hope in the future we enver have below $1,000 in dividend income in a month again. I add a lot of capital to the portfolio so as long as there are no dividend cuts in the future, I think we will be okay.

See video below for more depth on the income for July.

Happy investing.

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